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Sunday, November 25, 2012

If you were lucky enough to see the Beatles in concert, Apple wants to hear from you about your experience.  The Beatles' company is collecting stories and personal video footage from fans around the world, looking to put together a feature-length documentary film about the band's travels during the Beatlemania period--officially October 1963 (when the phrase was first coined) until the Beatles' final concert in August 1966. 

The company describes its goal as combining "footage, images, music interviews, and stories in a definitive, emotional and visceral feature film about Beatlemania." Research is underway through December of this year.

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1/2/2013 9:06 PM
Shea stadium

My sister, Kathy and her friend, Julea, ate the two girls hanging on the fence at the Shea Stadium concert.  I remember them, both 15 at the time doing every odd job imaginable to get enough money to go from Baltimore to New York on the bus.  Such an exciting time!  They were famous in our neighborhood just for having gone to the concert.  It wasn't until years later when we saw the film footage of the concert that we realized it was them!  It must be just as sweet amemory for Paul as it is for them because it has been on the cover of  TV guide, in numerous magazines and in his concert they were up on the Jumbotron and in the concert program!
They told us that they tried to sneak into John's dressing room at Shea and just as the door opened a policeman caught them.  Julea was able to get a set of Ringo's drum sticks ;)
Thanks for the wonderful memories to the Fab Four. :)

1/3/2013 6:44 PM
Shea stadium

Oops I mean ARE.  Boy, one letter can change the jist of the entire story;)

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