Beyond The Beatles: The protopunks, French classics, and ska pioneers of 1964

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

To commemorate 60 years of the Billboard Hot 100, Off The Charts revisits each year since it was established to spotlight songs and artists that didn’t make the cut, yet still made a significant impact. Years are chosen randomly and—to make it even harder on ourselves—rules for inclusion are that neither the songs nor albums they hail from can have landed on the Billboard 200. Selections are hotly debated by our staff, then listed in order of release. The Year: 1964 -

Billboard Hot 100’s Top 20 Songs Of 1964

1. The Beatles, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”
2. The Beatles, “She Loves You”
3. Louis Armstrong, “Hello, Dolly!”
4. Roy Orbison, “Oh, Pretty Woman”
5. The Beach Boys, “I Get Around”
6. Dean Martin, “Everybody Loves Somebody”
7. Mary Wells, “My Guy”
8. Gale Garnett, “We’ll Sing In The Sunshine”
9. J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers, “Last Kiss”
10. The Supremes, “Where Did Our Love Go

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