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Does anyone know if there is a recording of the song''Good Golly Miss Molly''with the Beatles?

Thank you for your attention.

I believe that the Beatles do a brief cover of this during the Get Back Sessions that ultimately gave us the Let It Be Movie and Album.

It was never released as it was just the lads jamming at Twickenham Studios, but I may be wrong. I will research this - Nowhere Man
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One of my favs is POWER TO THE  PEOPLE by The Black Eyed Peas...... a far cry from Tiny Tim's Girl..... Dr. Robert!. Nothing beats the originals!
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Doctor Robert:
I love Tiny Tim


No offense Dr. Robert, but he makes it sound like it should be a baaaaad Dr. Suess cartoon narrarated by, ah crap.. Boris Carloff, whoever.
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there's a few good covers I adore and I would never have heard of them if it wasn't for
Vanessa Rae ("Because")
CCC Kelly? ("Watch the Hole") - mashup
David Bowie ("Across the Universe")

there are others, but these are foremost on my mind. Too bad some people don't like Alison Krauss' cover of "I Will". ;-)
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Hey I heard a version of I'll be back on Thursday 21st April...It was a girl singing and it was live...can't find anything about it...anyone be able to tell me who it is?Thanks so the station
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Don't Let Me Down by Marcia Griffiths.  Nice reggae vibe.
From Me to You by Bobby McFerrin.  A capella; unique.
Of course I still love Cocker's With a Little Help From My Friends.
For laughs, The William Shatner "reading" of Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds = Comedy Gold ~

I am not big on Beatles covers, though, in general.
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Brian Ferry's Jealous Guy takes a bit of  beating. just registered with Beatles today.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ME and communicate. cheers from Yorkshire,England
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Robin Williams' "Come Together" was surprisingly great. It seems a bit odd at first, but I like it a lot.

The Secret Machines also did a fantastic job at "Blue Jay Way".

Those are two of my favorite covers.
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