Beatles Collections! What do you have?

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Decided to make a topic to show off our Beatles paraphernalia and collections! I'll go ahead and post mine. Warning though, it's quite a bit of stuff!



1. Beatles '65 - US - Original - 1964
2. Revolver - Reissue - US - 1971
3. Meet the Beatles - US - Original - 1964
4. Help! - Reissue - US - 1969 (Although the cover is from an original)
5. McCartney - Original - US - 1970
6. Hard Day's Night - ?? - ??
7. Tug of War - Original - US - 1982
8. Thirty Three & 1/3 - Original - US and Canada - 1976
9. Band on the Run - Original - US - 1973
10. George Harrison - Original - India - 1979
11. Goodnight Vienna - Original - UK - 1974


1. The Beatles - Unseen Archives
2. Life Magazine
3. Life in Pictures: John Lennon
4. Life in Pictures: The Beatles
5. I Met the Walrus
6. John Lennon - A Spaniard in the Works/In His Own Write
7. Abbey Road Notebook
8. The Beatles Revealed
9. Rolling Stone Magazine - 100 Best Beatles Songs
10. Rolling Stone Magazine - Why the Beatles Broke Up
11. Guitar Legends Magazine - The Complete Fab Four
12. The Beatles Anthology


1. Hard Day's Night
2. Help!
3. Magical Mystery Tour
4. All Together Now - A Documentary Film
5. Paul McCartney - The Space Within Us
6. The Beatles Unauthorized
7. The Beatles Rockband
8. The Beatles Rockband - Paul McCartney Hofner Bass


1-5. Beatles Mugs - Please Please Me, Help!, Hard Day's Night, Beatles for Sale, Magical Mystery Tour
6. Magical Mystery Tour Bus
7. The Early Tapes of the Beatles - Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers
8. "Imagine" Leaflet - Hard Rock Cafe
9. Beatles Anthology Puzzle

Wall Art/Posters

1. Beatles "Ed Sullivan" Poster
2. Beatles for Sale Sign
3. Personal Drawings - Signed by the Fab Four
4. Beatles "Umbrella" Poster
5. Beatles Faux Signed Portrait
6. Beatles "Walking" Poster
7-9. Fab Four Concert Tickets. 8 Signed
10. Beatles Tribute Band Symphony Concert Ticket
11. Beatles Fan Club Button
12. Yellow Submarine 3D Movie Sign
13. Sgt. Pepper's Wall Clock
14. Abbey Road Wooden Sign
15. Beatles Portrait Wall Sign


1. The Beatles - Marshalls
2. Mr. Kite - LOVE Show Store - The Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas
3. All You Need is Love
4. The Beatles Fab Four - LOVE Show Store - The Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas
5. Let It Be - Rue 21
6. The Beatles Fab Four - Target
7. Beatles Beanie
8. Beatles Sgt. Pepper Cap (Buttons from LOVE Show)
9. Black Fiddler's Cap
10. Lennon Reflective Round Glasses

-pic coming in the morning-

1. 4 Beatles Yellow Submarine Glasses
2. 2 LOVE Show Souvenir Cups


So post your stuff if you have a lot of Beatles stuff!
-Power to the People, Right On!-
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Beatles guitar picks, consisting of the whole fab four

yellow submarine throw

baby blanket from the john and yoko collection

Beatles love CD, other than that mostly MP3 files

yellow submarine shopping bag

a handmade throw pillow with john lennon's face silhoutte

handmade christmas ornament decorated and labeled "love is all you need"

Abbey Road street sign

Yellow submarine wallet

Various album posters

And most importantly, a son named Julian, after Julian Lennon of course :)
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Beatles guitars

   Rickenbacker 325 black and gold
   EJ-160 Acoustic JL signature
   casino  JL signature
   also Beatles Rockband
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A complete listing of everything done by the fab 4 right here. even the Beatles museum in London says my collection is more extensive then theirs. Mine lists all the albums, signal's, and the bootlegs, from pubs and other places they appeared before they became famous. All are in MP3 format for easier storage. I was a young boy when I first heard them sing I want to "hold your hand" and have spend most of my adult life collecting their music. so here is a listing of every thing I have to date.
{Please note that none of my collection is for sale.}
Lets see someone top this!

By Album.
The Beatles 30th Anniversary Radio Special
The Beatles 1962
The Beatles 1963
The Beatles 1963 full CD
The Beatles 1963 Please Please Me
The Beatles 1963 Please Please Me full CD
The Beatles 1963 With The Beatles
The Beatles 1964
The Beatles 1964 A Hard Day's Night
The Beatles 1964 Meet the Beatles
The Beatles 1965
The Beatles 1965 full CD
The Beatles 1965 Help!
The Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul
The Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul Full CD
The Beatles 1965 The Beatles for sale
The Beatles 1966
The Beatles 1966 Revolver
The Beatles 1966 Revolver full CDs
The Beatles 1967
The Beatles 1967 Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles 1967 Magical Mystery Tour full CD
The Beatles 1967 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Beatles 1967 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band full CD
The Beatles 1968
The Beatles 1968 White Album
The Beatles 1969
The Beatles 1969 Abbey Road
The Beatles 1969 Complete Rooftop Concert
The Beatles 1969 Yellow Submarine
The Beatles 1970
The Beatles 1970 Hey Jude
The Beatles 1970 Let it Be
The Beatles 1973 1962 – 1966
The Beatles 1973 1962 - 1966 full CDs
The Beatles 1973 1967-1970
The Beatles 1977 Love Songs
The Beatles 1988 Past Masters Vol 1
The Beatles 1988 Volume One
The Beatles 1994 Live at the BBC
The Beatles 1995 Anthology Disc 1
The Beatles 1996 Anthology Disc 2
The Beatles 2000 full CD
The Beatles 2000 One
The Beatles 2003 Naked
The Beatles 2003 Naked Bonus
The Beatles Apple Singles Collection
The Beatles Bootlegs Complete Entire
The Beatles Bootlegs Greatest Hits First Album
The Beatles Bootlegs I Am Sam
The Beatles Bootlegs Lime load
The Beatles Bootlegs Milk & Honey
The Beatles Bootlegs Rarities
The Beatles Bootlegs The Best of The Beatles
The Beatles Box Set 1988 Disc 1
The Beatles John Lennon
The Beatles John Lennon full CD
The Beatles The Beatles 1
The Beatles The Black Album
The Beatles The Esher Demos
The Beatles Traveling Wilburys
The Beatles Unknown
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All the Beatles UK LPs in stereo + Live at the Hollywood bowl and A collection of Beatles oldies but goldies + some fan club xmas floppies
And of cause the CDs including two Capital sets.