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A big hit in Australia in 1969 was "Dear Prudence" by Doug Parkinson In Focus. Some may say it is the equal, if not a better version than the Beatles.

The following year in 1970 a band called Zoot had a hit with their version of "Eleanor Rigby" They completely turned the song on it's head. Features heart throb Rick Springfield guitarist, and Little River Band member Beeb Birtles.
Both songs are on youtube.

Another cover is by 60's Aussie band called The Strangers they do a good cover of Paperback Writer. There is a clip of them on Youtube. John Farrar who wrote and produced for Olivia Newton John and the movie Grease is the guitarist at the back right.

Not technically a Beatles cover but The Twilights had a hit with their version of Bad Boy in 1966 it's on Youtube.
70-80's Little River Band front man Glenn Shorrock is The Twilights lead singer.

Good Day Sunshine by former Seeker Athol Guy and Laurel Lea backed in the tv studio by The Twilights, also on Youtube.

Johnny Farnham had a huge hit with his arrangement of Help! in 1980.  John Farnham's is the version Tina Turner copied.