Beatles Covers

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My favorite Beatles cover was "A Day In The Life" done by sorta Modern and very talented band I grew up with.
The Band name is "Mae"

I would love it, if you can play it on

Here a link to listen to it on youtube:

Here are another song cover I love:

"Help" - from "Howie Day" Album "I AM SAM"
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I did not like. The Beatles version is unique and heavier.
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Have some "respect" for it's a beatle song, Don't "rage" on the very art that The Beatles have created. You Don't understand this is under the Covers of The Beatles.
Please accept that This song represent The Beatles legacy into the younger generation.
Love bro, accept it. =)
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I love Stevie Wonder's cover of "We Can Work It Out".
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hi good guys,i just comming to this site,and i´m loving to have this radio of the beatles,i would like to ask something i remember that before have a similar radio with the same name and they have a direct link with a video cam from liverpool from the place of the beatles was,sorry for my terrible english,if somebody can tell me somethng about please i thanks very much.big hug to every body.

here in brasil we have the best cover group, the name is BLAK BIRD" beatles cover,by

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My favourite cover is probably Real Love - Regina Spektor. It's not exactly the same, but it's so nice and she has a wonderful voice. Definitely check her out! She's something else.
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I like "Got to get you into my life" by Cliff Bennet and the rebel rousers.