Why the ? "Paul getting married on John's birthday--no big deal or not a nice thing" on the radio?

Posted: 2 years ago Quote #154
Why stir up trouble?

It keeps being said on to "come to the website and vote: Was it not a really big deal or not a very nice thing to do"--Paul himself said he chose the date in part because it WAS John's birthday, and sang a tribute to him at the reception--I don't see any animosity from it. In fact, it's as if he knew it was a happy day and wanted to make it happier.

It's not like he's trying to steal any of John's thunder--in fact, no where else on the Internet are they trying to start this rumor. Please stop.
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #164
I agree. I think it was nice that Paul chose to get married on John Lennon's birthday. Only those who hate Paul because they think they love John more would want to start that kind of trouble. It's useless. The Beatles loved each other; John and Paul had made amends before Lennon died. So any of this Paul vs. John tack that some fans have taken needs to stop. It's dangerous. Don't forget that Lennon was MDC's favorite Beatle but that didn't stop him from gunning Mr. Lennon down. Okay? Drop it people.