JOSEPH FERRANTE, piano tuner of George Harrison

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Joseph Ferrante had his first guitar as a Christmas present when he was nine years old. Since then he's been learning all kind of music styles so as to apply them to his guitar playing. He is mainly a Rock musician.
Pod's Blues, After Obsession, The Beasts, The Primitives, Ferrante's Experience, Silver Shadows, The B3, Yesterday, Bowen West, Rock Ltd., etc., etc., are some of the bands he's played with.
He worked as a piano tuner and technician for Chappell, Yamaha and other firms, perfecting the art of making and repairing pianos.
Amongst his usual customers you could find The Royal Albert Hall, The Westminster Cathedral, The Royal Scots Guard Band, The BBC, The London Symphony Orchestra, The Queen Elizabeth Hall, George Harrison, etc., etc. He also worked for the National Artists Association, attending pianos on the national tours of artists such as Maurice Hasson, Judith Jaimes, etc, etc.
He stopped giving live performances with bands and is now exclusively dedicating himself to studio work. Ferrante uses real instruments, avoiding the use of computers, sequencers, etc., etc.
Three main reasons guided his life: God, Music and Romeo and Juliet. His major musical influences are: God, Yes, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, E.L.P., Jimi Hendrix, Beethoven and Bach.
His "Shangri-la" CD is a mixture of styles and tendencies including Rock, Ballads, Classic Choirs, Latin Music, Impromptus, Reggae Fusion, Tropical Bachata, Fox Trot, Swing, etc., etc.

The land of forever..."Shangri-La"...the magical dreamplace far away beyond the mountains...the Kingdom of eternal youth, gave the title for this work.
To preview all the songs in "Shangri-La", go to:

You will also find a wealth of information about Joseph Ferrante including main website, pages, comments, articles, photos, etc.
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And now, a present for you all....The address of George Harrison
Joseph Ferrante gave me permission to give it to you.

George Harrison
Friar Park
Gravel Hill

Unfortunately the man is not there anymore, but his spirit is.....

It is a hallucinating place. A former monastery, with lots of fields, a lake, swans, horses, a small chapel, the lot. In front of the monastery you can find the dwarfs of ¨All things must pass¨ and on the left hand of the monastery you will see a lot of cars of different brands (George was a fan of cars. He used to run racing cars in Los Angeles)
Joseph told me that the place is haunted by monks, possibly the chanting monks in ¨Tomorrow Never Knows¨

There you have the address.

¨There are places I´ll remember all my life, though some have changed...¨

Possibly, if Ferrante gives ,me permission, I will later reveal the origin of the name ¨Beatles¨ as it was revealed by George to him.