Were the Beatles Good musicians ?

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Seeing as George Harrison is classified as one of the best guitarists in musical history and Ringo Starr being in the best drummer's category, yes I would say that the Beatles were fantastic musicians. Not only because of their skill, but because of their innovation and creativity. They did things that no one else thought to do which gave the music industry a whole new sound and feel.

I feel that their song-writing and musical talents were about on the same level of greatness.
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George Harrison was on a level with Eric Clapton
Paul McCartney is the best musician of the group..listen to his solo album "McCartney" where he plays ALL instruments.  He also plays drums on "Come Together"  McCartney was the first to play bass as a "lead instrument" on Drive My Car.
Ringo was steady, if not great.  (Keith Moon of The Who was GREAT)
John Lennon was one of the best rhythm players in the world.  However, listen to his guitar licks on his acoustic album released a few years ago.  His guitar playing is extraordinary and convinced me he was a great musician.
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the beatles were great musicians.
john williams the classical guitarist,even he had trouble playing here comes the sun.
and as a guitarist myself,some of the beat changes, are soooooo great.
even george playing his sitar.check the ed-sullivan show for some live stuff.
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Not only were they great but they also were smart, being a musician is more than playing an instrument its making everything come together in harmony.  They did just that.  They took the most abstract sounds and ideas and made them hits.
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In my honest opinion, I think the Beatles were the best group the music scene has ever had. Each member, John. Paul, George and Ringo has their own individual unique talents. As a music lover of my kind, I think I have never found a group that would replace Beatles as my second choice. I have many favorite groups but they would never surpass the Beatles kind of musical charisma. Long live the Beatles!