my beatles cover songs

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here is a list of what beatles covers i have. have u heard any of these

elton john lucy in the sky
the typhoons hard days night ep
peter sellers hard days night, she loves you
joe cocker let it be
silver convention boys from liverpool
the naturals i should of known better
the silkies you've got to hide your love away
ferry aid let it be
st louis union girl
ted chippington she loves you
the rutles
david and johnathan michelle
george martin i feel fine, and i love her
wilson picket hey jude
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Some good ones and some I have not heard, very uk-ish

Making house calls anytime Day or Night
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thanks for liking them
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hi everyone.

my cover version, I love, is:

In my life;  george harrison,   I only heard one version of it,  played live,  but I really liked the way he did it.  It was not the best recording,  but it was good.
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I've heard some of these like:
Elton John's cover of "Lucy in the sky with diamonds". I rarely hear Peter Sellers' covers of "A Hard Days Night" and "She loves you". I've heard Joe Cocker's cover of "A little Help from My Friends"; but I'm not sure about his cover "Let it be" probably because I keep hearing Tom Jones' version of that song instead.

But I'm pretty sure that I've not heard enough variety of covers. However, I'm intrigued to hear more. I want to hear them all (released or unreleased). Why not BeatlesRadio? ;-) Thank you.
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I like Rachel Wood's "It Won't Be Long".