Book Review: Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013) by Luca Perasi

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Essential reading for any serious Paul McCartney fan, Luca Perasi’s Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013) covers everything from theMcCartney album (released in 1970) right through New (released in 2013). Perasi takes us from song to song, conveying tons of detailed information. The goal was to focus on factual information rather than critical analysis.

While some of the author’s opinion-based commentary slips in, he makes a genuine effort to make this a reference guide above all else. Each song includes a listing of musicians involved, as well as where and when each tune was recorded. It’s made clear in the introduction, the scope of the book is limited to songs written by McCartney that appeared on a release credited to Paul McCartney, Wings, or The Fireman (the latter being McCartney’s experimental collaboration with producer Martin Glover, aka Youth). Any song written by someone other than McCartney is not covered (though his many co-writes with various songwriters, including Denny Laine, Eric Stewart, and Elvis Costello, are included—with the exception of re-recorded Lennon/McCartney songs). As a result, much of the content of Give My Regards to Broadstreet(1984), Run Devil Run (1999), and Kisses on the Bottom (2012) is only given a brief mention. 

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Source: The Morton Report

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