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Monday August 25

Steve krogstad from Coon Rapids
Mariquita Suzara from Sonoma
Barb Allen from Saint Petersburg
Eduardo Trindade from Rio de Janeiro
Yozo Dandy from takasago
Bonnie Kachmar from New Castle
Summer Desantis from New York
Marisa D'angelo from brooklyn
Rosalie Schultz from Brooklyn
Marci Carrasco from Starke
ron kagan from roswell
Game-show host Monty Hall is 93
Actor Sean Connery is 84
Talk-show host Regis Philbin is 83
Actor Tom Skerritt is 81 

 Tuesday August 26
Geovani Hernandez from Los Angeles
Giancarlo Preti from Castel San Pietro Terme
Giuseppe Quevedo from Guayaquil
David Parker from Jacksonville
Peter Coleman from Singapore
troy young from shepherdsville
andy kempf from hudson
Zach Silver from freakyz68
Brad Avery from Topeka
Paul Brenchley from Watchet
Bernard Ormerod from Salisbury
Karen Lowe from Greeneville
David Jones from Glendale

Celebrity Birthdays

Singer Bob Cowsill of The Cowsills is 65
Bandleader Branford Marsalis is 54
Guitarist Jimmy Olander of Diamond Rio is 53
Actor Chris Burke ("Life Goes On") is 49

 Wednesday August 27
Nadya Cherneva from Sofia
Marlene Gaudlitz from Meiningen
Elad Miterany from Tel Aviv
luis saenz from buenosa aires
Valentine Dumas from Strasbourg
Willie Deuel from Altamont
Lobke Haas from Gronau-Epe
CRAIG WILLIAMSON from Warner Robins, GA
daniel sayas from stevens point
Paul Robertson from Ajax
Fernando Renteria from Mexico
Robert Gall from Atlanta
eric lyle from louisville
mar glist from Athens
David Cox from lawrenceburg

Celebrity Birthdays

Actor Tommy Sands is 77
Musician Daryl Dragon of the Captain and Tennille is 72
Actress Tuesday Weld is 71
Actor G.W. Bailey ("The Closer") is 70

 Thursday August 28
Dick Willkom from Billings
gerardo jimenez from estado de mexico
Beth Diamond from East Middlebury
David Fineberg from Lebec
Frank Carbone from Rye Brook
Richard Delorme from Montréal
Kern Sailor from Saskatoon
Gabriel Barcelos from São Gonçalo
Sarah Spohn from lansing
Jessica Juodvirsis from Kitchener
Kim Wallis from Cypress
Edgar Peña from San Salvador
derek schram from whitby
Alexandra Toniutti from italy

Celebrity Birthdays

Actor David Soul is 71
Actress Barbara Bach is 68
Singer Wayne Osmond of The Osmonds is 63
Actor Daniel Stern is 57

 Friday Aug 29
Daniel Kennedy from Fremont
Pablo Silva from Concepcion
Edward Kaveney from Las Vegas
Shy Sussmann from New York
Stefanie Magura from Asheville
Daniel Dias from Mauá
Mart Kruijff from Oberwart
chris may from dallas
Craig Blatchford from Melbourne 
Patrick Stocker from minneapolis
Sean Christopher from Seattle
raul bidart from Las vegas
Aldo Ramos from Mexico City
Allen Hoover from Tullytown
Jeff Gallop from Palm Bay


Celebrity Birthdays

Keyboardist Dan Truman of Diamond Rio is 58
Actress Rebecca DeMornay is 55
Bassist-singer Me'Shell NdegeOcello is 45
Singer Carl Martin of Shai is 44

 Saturday Aug 30
Laurent Cambon from Chartres
Tim Wagner from Waunakee
Patricia/'Caledonia' is my nickname Wilson from Kamloops
ethan  aronowitz from Bellevue
Susan Haber from boca raton
EFRAIN NUNEZ from San Juan
Eddie Robinson from Fresno
Valette Julia from Lyon
Hiroshi Nemoto from Tokyo
Roland Staubli from Zurich
martin cox from Bath
Chris Pettipas from Dartmouth
Jackie Gutierrez from Clarksville
Sara Pietrangeli from Avezzano
michael whiting from Darlington

Celebrity Birthdays

Actress Elizabeth Ashley is 75
Actor-turned-politician Ben Jones ("The Dukes of Hazzard") is 73
Actress Peggy Lipton ("The Mod Squad") is 67
Comedian Lewis Black is 66 

 Sunday Aug 31
fausto waterman from miami
Phil Solomon from Freehold
Carson Runyon from Tehachapi
Matthew Turner from Phialdelphia
Julie Watten from Las vegas
Niall O'Brien from Melbourne
Milzam Hawari from Bogor
Susan Pulido from Barnegat, New Jersey
richard percival from newcastle upon tyne
Kernneth Altshuler from Portland
Kees Belonje from Gouda
Carl Stal from Le Coux et Bigaroque, France


Celebrity Birthdays

Drummer Jerry Allison of Buddy Holly and the Crickets is 75
Singer Van Morrison is 69
Guitarist Rudolf Schenker of Scorpions is 66
Actor Richard Gere is 65