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Being an Aries born on April 18th, you can be defined by a generous and optimistic nature. There is little you would not give to a loved one in need. In fact, you display a generous and giving attitude to everyone you interact with, even complete strangers. Your kindness may be a product of the positivity that defines all aspects of your life. Whether it be a situation, person or experience, you can always find a way to see the bright side. Those closest to you would be the first to admit their appreciation for your optimism. In a cynical world, your optimism is truly refreshing.
Monday April  14

Christy Pete from Machesney Park 
Dennis McCullugh from New York 
Sylvain Dickey from Montréal 
John Duggan from Dublin 
Fermin Manzanares from Caracas 
Glenn Matyi from Edison 
Gerry Rowe from Chepstow 
Damir VrÄ‘uka from Damba 
Larry Jackson from Lawton 
Michael Rodriguez from Tucson 
Scott Hauge from Seattle 
Ianick Mathieu from quebec


Loretta Lynn is 82
Sarah Michelle Gellar is 37
Bradford Dillman is 84
David Miller is 41

 Tuesday April  15

Kathy Bergin from Chicago 
Trevor Gsrdner from Colchester 
Bryan Farrell from Nashville 
Nicola Tombolan from Bassano del Grappa 
Ty Sullivan from NYC 
Dan Allinson from Edmonton 
Kathy Padgett from Batesburg 
RW Webb from Toronto 
Laira Ritchie from Barrie 
Aria Salomon from Spring Valley 
J S from toronto 
Jessica Wardlaw from Cottage grove 
Raymond Ieronimo from Bradford


Roy Clark is 81
Emma Thompson is 55
Samantha Fox is 48
Emma Watson is 24

 Wednesday April 16

Julia Fowler from Neptune 
Harvey Good from West Palm Beach Florida 
Louis Melendez from Gainesville,New York 
Madeline O'Malley from Lincoln 
spence brown from Peoria 
Fernando Demarchi from Buenos Aires 
Monique Layzell from Dallas 
CAOIMHE FOX from Toronto 
Beth Fitzgerald from West Allis 
Gordon Craig from Irvine 
Barry Dreiner from LaPorte 
tom cappa from syracuse 
Christopher Marr from CHILLIWACK 
Arkady Chertkov from San Jose 


Bobby Vinton is 79
Jimmy Osmond is 51
Jason Scheff is 52
Martin Lawrence is 49

 Thursday April 17
Bob Haley from Wayne, pa 
Charles Buntinx from Getafe 
Luis Miguel Martínez Fernández from Mexico´s City 
Gordon Hartley from Napier 
Jeanne Zieger from Saint Peters 
jacob andrew from New York 
michel robichaud from magog 
david weakley from mclouth 
Richard Crossland from Leeds 
Donald McClung from San Antonio 
Laura Ataide from São Paulo 
joao ferreira from hillside

Olivia Hussey is 63
Jennifer Garner is 42
Victoria Beckham is 40
Joel Murray is 52

 Friday April 18
Mauricio Castro de Almida from Nova Odessa -SP 
Christopher Goddard from Atlanta 
Kelly Socobasin from Princeton 
Shawn Brighton from Miami Beach 
manuel mejia from centreville 
Paul Hebert from Guelph 
Janusz Kawalec from London 
Víctor Sastre from Madrid 
Martin Somervill from Santa Fe 
Giuliano De Palma from Oak Harbor 
steven lukefahr from Kingsville 
bill stafford from burlington 
Christine DeCambra from Georgetown 
Patrick Gordon from Harrisonburg

Barbara Hale is 93
Cindy Pickett is 67
Jim Scholten is 62
Rick Moranis is 61


 Saturday April 19

Brianda Sada from coahuila 
Joyce Cerullo from North Ridgeville 
Miguel Tong from Lima 
Gene Davis from Spokane 
Jessica Vera from Las Vegas 
Richard swindell from RIPLEY 
lamanna anthony from Milford 
Tim Calligan from Oak Ridge 
Wayne Childress from Jacksonville 
Alex Pochop from Ottawa


Hugh O'Brian is 89
Tim Curry is 68
Ashley Judd is 46
Kate Hudson is 35

 Sunday April 20

Marco Frota from BRASILIA 
Joseph Downing from San Jose 
ribhu roy from bhiali 
Jennifer Brake from Walhalla 
rubens apostolo from São Paulo 
john kogelman from dedemsvaart 
Brian Ferdinand from Tampa 
Jaclyn Marsh from Cincinnati 
Claude Troncy from Paris 
terran mx from MEXICO CITY 
Kevin Knupp from San Francisco 
Eddie Janssens from Brussels


Johnny Tillotson is 75
Jessica Lange is 65
Joey Lawrence is 38
Ryan O'Neal is 73