Music More Than 100 John Lennon Manuscripts Heading To Auction

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sotheby’s in Manhattan is holding an auction on June 4 where over 100 items produced by John Lennon will be up for sale, ranging in expected prices from $500 to $70,000.

The most desirable item in the bunch is Lennon’s handwritten manuscript of “The Singularge Experience of Miss Anne Duffield,” a Sherlock Holmes parody that Lennon wrote in 1964 while on vacation in Tahiti, during which he read several Holmes stories. The manuscript is nine pages, in blue and black ink, and includes corrections. Lennon had quite a passion for literature, especially early on with The Beatles. During his elementary school years he made a handmade magazine, “The Daily Howl,” and when his band started to gain traction and fame in Liverpool he wrote several articles for a local music magazine called the “Mersey Beat.” The pieces in the auction belong to the collection of Tom Maschler. Maschler, who served as the literary director for Lennon’s British publisher Jonathan Cape, met with Lennon in 1963 and convinced him to compile his works into a book, which he did, and his work in “The Daily Howl” and “Mersey Beat” became the published “In His Own Write.”

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