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Celebration of George Harrison songs - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All Things Must Pass – celebrating The Music Of George Harrison - comes to the Under Ground Theatre in Eastbourne. A powerful 10-piece band, recruited by some of the finest and most experienced musicians in South England, plays exclusively songs written by the ex-Beatle,

The programme consists of the obvious hits he wrote for the Beatles (Something, Here Comes The Sun, Taxman etc.), but also many great songs he recorded after the Beatles╩╝ break up (My Sweet Lord, All Those Years Ago…). The show is named after his first solo album, which is considered by many music critics as a masterpiece. David Hentschel, who worked as a sound engineer with David Bowie, Elton John, Genesis and George Harrison himself, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed Alex Eberhard’s concert. Beyond music from that album, the show was a celebration of all of George Harrison’s music, all professionally and faithfully performed with love, respect and enthusiasm.”


An abused elephant is still living in horrendous conditions in captivity almost two years after Sir Paul Mccartney spearheaded an apparently successful campaign to save it.

The Beatles legend was among a number of stars, including Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson, who took part in a 2012 drive to re-house Sunder the elephant in a sanctuary after he was discovered being abused in a temple near Mumbai, India. The celebrities believed they had succeeded in securing the beast's transfer after sending personal letters to Indian officials, and they were told the elephant would soon be roaming free in a rescue centre near Bangalore, India. However, bosses at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) have now revealed Sunder remains in the same poor conditions at the temple, where they recently filmed him being harshly beaten yet again.

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More than 18,000 people – including Yoko Ono – are backing a campaign to save the ‘bombed out church’ from being handed over to a private company.

They mobilised over the weekend in response to the news the council was in talks with a local business that was looking to take on St Luke’s for weddings. St Luke’s Church at the bottom of Leece Street is currently owned by the council, which says it is struggling to afford the cost of maintaining it. But the news it could end up in private hands caused uproar, with more than 18,000 people signing on an online petition between Friday and last night.

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A rare drawing by John Lennon which sold Friday in a celebrity auction brings to mind a hair-raising story of when the ex-Beatle took a ride on the famous Palm Springs aerial tramway in California. The ballpoint pen drawing shows Lennon, girlfriend May Pang and Harry Nilsson sitting on a tramcar thousands of feet off the ground in midair.

This rare drawing was auctioned off along with several other John Lennon sketchesfrom the 1970s on Friday March 21 by CooperOwen Auctions in London. The drawings were given to guitarist Jesse Ed Davis from Lennon. Davis was a session musician who played lead guitar on Lennon’s albums “Walls and Bridges” and “Rock and Roll”.  In March of 1974, John Lennon was in the midst of his “Lost Weekend” with girlfriend, May Pang, on the West Coast. He had temporarily split from wife, Yoko Ono, and was partying and carousing with friends like Harry Nilsson in Los Angeles. On a weekend getaway, Lennon, Pang, Nilsson and his girlfriend, along with former Beatles’ roadie, Mal details

The largest private collection of John Lennon's artwork could fetch more than $800,000 (£500,000) at auction later this year. The works, featuring poems, doodles and drawings, were created by the Beatles legend and published in his two books, In His Own Write and A Spaniard In The Works. They will be put up for sale as 89 lots at the auction, which is taking place in New York on June 4. 

The collection, titled, 'You Might Well Arsk', is owned by Tom Maschler, who published both of Lennon's books in 1964 and 1965 respectively. Mr Maschler, who also founded The Booker Prize, described the Liverpool-born singer's artworks as 'extraordinary'. 'Many are scrawled on the back of hotel notepaper, he said. 'I thought they were extraordinary and asked "who wrote these?" 'I was told "John Lennon" and soon after I met with John and suggested that he should produce John Lennon In His Own Write. 'I then had to inspire in him the confidence to write and produce the drawings.

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On Sunday's episode of The Simpsons, all the bullies in town took the subway to the Bully Summit, giving us a look at Springfield's mass transit system (and sort of Vignelli-esque map... or is it more like Boston's?). We get a look at the platforms (where the bully gangs assemble a la The Warriors... or Michael Jackson's "Bad" video), along with the interior of the cars, and the whole thing is pretty 1980s NYC (with boomboxes, but less graffiti).

We also get to see the various Springfield neighborhoods and attractions on the map, like like Giant Magnifying Glass, Guidopolis, Unauthorized Beatles Museum, Jerk Circle, and the Varmint District. As Atlantic Cities points out, the system has evolved: "Last we knew, the city's subway system was mostly inoperative because its creaky, vibrating trains were damaging the foundations of buildings. In terms of routes, it was a simplistic loop." And of course, before that there was a brief flirtation with a monorail, but that was always more of a Shelbyville idea...


YOU may well have hummed along to one of his songs. Perhaps you have dropped a few coins into his guitar case. But you probably haven't realised just how popular busker Danny McEvoy is. A regular sight in East Grinstead town centre, he may well be Britain's best-loved busker as his YouTube videos have just passed two million views.

A huge fan of The Beatles, he has covered every song ever written by the Fab Four. This includes B-sides and album tracks, and has led to the 51-year-old steadily building up an online fanbase. Danny busks in towns up and down the country, with East Grinstead, Crawley, Redhill and Brighton among his most common stops. He has also sung Strawberry Fields in Strawberry Fields, Eleanor Rigby at the real Eleanor Rigby's grave, Rain in the rain outside Beatles hotspot The Cavern Club in Liverpool, and even Imagine next to the Statue of Liberty. Danny, who is originally from Liverpool and a lifelong Beatles fan, said: "I first filmed myself singing I Want To Hold Yo details

Savoretti gets tips from McCartney - Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jack Savoretti was given career advice by Sir Paul McCartney after starring in his video for the track 'Queenie Eye'. Jack Savoretti was given career advice by Sir Paul McCartney. The 30-year-old singer, who appeared alongside Johnny Depp and Kate Moss in Paul's recent video for his track 'Queenie Eye', was given some tips from The Beatles legend and has kept in touch with him. 

Jack told BANG Showbiz: "I was very lucky to be able to hang out with Paul McCartney for two hours and he's just an absolute legend. "I was surprised by his enthusiasm to talk about the stuff he's probably been asked [about] a thousand times. It's was as if I was the first person ever to ask him, 'What was it like to be a Beatle?' "He asked me how things are going and he said, 'Don't worry about things too much, just make sure you come up with good songs'. "He played me Lady Madonna on the piano and none of my friends believed me. It was a great experience and he has kept in touch since. He sent me a card on my birthday and a Christmas card. I wasn't expecting that. details

In January 1964 the Beatles toured Europe, having just become a sensation with the release of their debut album the year before. While playing a series of concerts in France, they stayed at the George V hotel in Paris (now the Four Seasons George V). The Beatles’ residency here was short but very important, as they wrote the hit “I Feel Fine”

in their hotel room, a song that would go to Number One on both the US and UK charts. It was in the same room that they received the phone call inviting them to visit the US for the first time. They accepted, and 50 years ago last month the group famously landed to a mob scene reception at New York’s JFK and appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, watched by more than a third of the US population. The British Invasion had begun and the rest is rock and roll history. The Beatles were not alone in their Paris hotel room or on their inaugural US tour. They were joined by legendary photographer Harry James Benson, CBE, who has shot a litany of global celebrities and political figur details

When a rare Beatles record was dropped off at a charity bookshop, it looked like the donation was going to raise a healthy £50. But for one keen employee at Amnesty Bookshop on Gloucester Road, that wasn’t good enough. Colin Richardson, a volunteer looking after collectable donations, took it upon himself to add even more value by writing to the artist behind the famous Revolver record sleeve.

Now the record has raised more than £1,000 which has been donated in its entirety to Amnesty International. The record first came into the shop around five or six weeks ago and was sent to Colin, 77, who filters through and picks out vinyl with his knowledge and experience of the music industry. When he saw the record he estimated it to be worth around £60. But the item also triggered memories of Colin’s past working in booking services in the music industry when he got to know the album cover’s famous artist Klaus Voormann. “At that point I thought ‘I wonder if I could get in touch with Klaus and ask him to sign it’,” C details

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