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The Beatles legend looked frail and pale-faced as he walked arm-in-arm with his wife Nancy Shevell in the rain on Tuesday (27May14), but managed to give a wave and a 'thumbs-up' to photographers.

McCartney jetted back to London earlier this week (beg26May14) after he was released from hospital in Tokyo where he was treated for a viral infection. The 71-year-old music veteran axed his Asian tour to focus on his recovery. 

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 Source: The Express, UK


The Fab Four’s landmark “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album is rechanneled toward packaging with PAC Packaging Consortium’s outside-the-box “A Day in the Life” Symposium taking place September 30 through October 2 in Toronto, Canada.

We asked James D. Downham, president & CEO, PAC Packaging Consortium, what the event is about and what is unique. “It is about A Day In the Life of a packaged product – an imaginary nutritional beverage,” he responds. “Equipped with remotes, our interactive audience will be engaged and answering questions throughout the three days – thus providing real-time discussion topics and an industry survey.  “What makes this event unique are the theme, content, innovation, collaboration, audience engagement, venues and the fact there will be lots of fun. Pricing is lower than most competitive conferences in the packaging space. In other words, an amazing value for money spent.


It looks like Paul McCartney is on the road to recovery.  The organizers of the rock legend’s tour of Japan have issued a statement announcing that the former Beatle left the country on Monday after being treated for a virus that forced him to postpone the trek.

According to a translation, the message says, “Paul has recovered from his illness, checked out of the hotel before noon…and left Japan on a chartered flight.”  The organizers add that McCartney is hoping to return to the country “for more concerts as soon as possible,” while noting that they plan to negotiate with his representative with regard to scheduling new dates. This past week, McCartney’s spokeswoman confirmed that the star had been admitted to a Japanese hospital after he announced the concert cancellations. “Since contracting a virus last week that led to the postponement of tour dates, Paul received successful medical treatment at a hospital in Tokyo,” said a statement issued to ABC News Radio. 

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Yoko Ono is giving peace a chance. The artist and widow of John Lennon withdrew her $6.7 million lawsuit against a West Village co-op board last month, a day after she sold her apartment there for a more-than-expected $8.3 million, the Daily News has learned.

“Everybody is happy and we’re getting along,” said Ono’s lawyer, Larry Hutcher. Ono, 81, filed the big-bucks suit last year against the board of Stable 49, a small apartment building at 49 Downing St., charging they’d been making it impossible for her to sell her long-vacant penthouse apartment there. “The board has done everything within its power to keep the penthouse empty by singling out and prejudicing Ms. Ono,” including announcing new rules that would make it difficult for any prospective buyer to renovate the 5,710-square-foot apartment, the suit said. Ono has owned the apartment since 1995. “Ms. Ono has never lived in the penthouse. She purchased the penthouse for her son, who lived there for a few years,” the filing says, referring to Sean Len details

Guitar With Wings makes clear that Laurence Juber, during a sideman stint that lasted some three years, learned things large and small from Paul McCartney. He spends this sumptuous photo book celebrating the good (adeeply underrated album, a hit single, the chance to work alongside a childhood hero) and forgiving the bad (the silly love songs, the silly drug bust that essentially ended Wings, McCartney’s even sillier assertion that George Martin broke them up).

It seems Juber, a member of Wings from 1978-81, always had a keen sense of what this opportunity meant — absorbing everything he could from McCartney, but also from his other bandmates and from McCartney’s photographer wife. Guitar With Wings, in many ways, wouldn’t have been possible but for Linda’s passion for shooting pictures. Juber caught the bug, too. Meanwhile, the McCartneys relationship proved inspirational, as well. “The couple-consciousness of Paul and Linda McCartney,” Juber says, “proved t details

Beatles fans who are Paris-bound this summer may want to add the Four Seasons Hotel Georges V to their itinerary, as the luxury landmark -- where the band wrote one of their most iconic songs -- will pay tribute to the music legends in a photo exhibit.

The photos, taken by Harry Benson, capture intimate moments of the quartet at the hotel, including an impromptu jam session at the piano between John Lennon and Paul McCartney, which led to the writing of their hit song “I Feel Fine,” Benson, who was the tour photographer and was in the suite at the time, immortalized the moment on camera. The George V also bore witness to another moment of Beatles euphoria, as it was while gathered in one of their suites that the band learned that their song “I Want to Hold Your Hand” had topped the charts in the US and that they were invited to appear on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” After learning that the band had broken out into a pillow fight a few nights earlier, Benson asked them to recreate the playful event.

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EASTON — Do you have the feeling that you want to be at the beach this weekend but will end up relaxing in Easton instead? Ever wonder what Beatlemania might have sounded like with Bob Marley as the fifth Beatle? You’ll get an idea when Yellow Dubmarine, the tribute band that interprets Fab Four classic hits with a Jamaican irie vibe performs at 8 p.m.

Saturday, May 24, at the Avalon Theatre. “We’ve had lots of great Beatles tributes play here, but Yellow Dub is definitely the most unique and the most fun so far,” said Suzy Moore, Avalon house manager. “They’ll play all the Beatles’ No. 1 hits with a bouncy reggae groove and brassy, ska-like horns. Their performances are so high-energy, it’s hard for the audience to remain in their seats, so the Avalon’s dance floor will be open. ... It’s got a great summertime beach vibe to it.” Yellow Dubmarine got the attention of reggae and the Beatles fans in 2011 while touring to promote its first album, “Abbey Dub,” a dubbed-out re-interpr details

On Nov. 29, 2001, George Harrison died at the age of 58 after a long struggle with cancer. In a new interview, actor Mike Myers reveals that, earlier that day, he received a piece of fan mail from Harrison, which he says was the last letter the former Beatle ever wrote.

As Myers recounts to GQ, he was on the set of ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember,’ shooting a scene where many Hollywood stars are making a film about Powers’ life the day Harrison’s letter unexpectedly arrived. Myers had never before met or corresponded with Harrison, so he was thrilled to discover that one of his idols was a fan. He says that receiving it was “mind-blowing, dude. For the son of a Liverpudlian, a person who worships the Beatles.” Myers shared some of the contents of the letter, which he says is “prominently displayed” in his’ home. “He says, ‘…sitting here with my Dr. Evil doll…I just wanted to let you know I’ve been looking all over E details

IT was 50 years ago next month that The Beatles arrived in Australia for their first and only tour. But how did the biggest band there ever was end up in our then far-flung corner of the globe at the very moment the whole world was embracing them?

According to the man who booked them, it was “luck” and “instinct”. In July 1963, The Beatles were a rising rock band with a handful of hits under their belts, but already showing glimpses of the generation-defining, genre-smashing phenomenon they would become. Driven by a pair of gifted songwriters in Paul McCartney and John Lennon, complemented by drummer Ringo Starr and the baby of the group, guitarist George Harrison, the Liverpool quartet was already a musical force to be reckoned with thanks to years honing their skills playing in German and English clubs. By contrast, Kenn Brodziak was an established Melbourne promoter with decades of experience mainly in the theatre world. Having begun his career details

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) --A smash-and-grab burglary occurred in San Francisco this week involving the son of a former Beatle. Sean Ono Lennon posted a picture on Instagram showing the broken window of a van parked in San Francisco's Hayes Valley neighborhood.

Ono Lennon is the son of the late John Lennon and his widow Yoko Ono. He says the van belongs to his band and that a laptop was taken. He's promising a big reward if the computer is returned. Ono Lennon was in San Francisco for a performance at the Great American Music Hall on Tuesday with his band. The group is now in Vancouver.

Source: KGO TV, San Francisco

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