[Opinion] Was John Lennon a Better Musician After Taking Psychedelics?

Saturday, September 29, 2018

It wasn’t until 1965 when John Lennon of The Beatles was dosed with LSD without his knowledge at a dinner party. A year later, Revolver was released.

There were less love songs. Acoustic guitars were strangely absent. The piano and trumpets gave the album an electric cerebral feel when accompanied by the rifts of electric power coming from amps and pedals. It was revolutionary both in regard to the new sound of The Beatles in general. Any healthy minded individual who has taken LSD before knows that it’s not about how you feel while dosed, but how you feel in the days to months after coming down. The influence it leaves is not short-lived, and any masterful musician will find their own artistic limits and capabilities greatly altered for better or for worse. It’s nearly impossible to be exposed to such an agent and to not be powerfully affected by it.

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