Paul McCartney jokes about what keeps him going

Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 is shaping up to be as busy as ever with Paul announcing a string of new live dates in South America and Japan. 
Here at we use a variety of tactics to keep our energy levels up. More often than not this includes a big box of cupcakes (sometimes sent from Paul) and a lovely cup of tea!

This month’s question was sent in by Kevin McCarren from the USA, who asks: “Where do you get your energy from?” We spoke with Paul as he prepares to get back ‘Out There’ on his forthcoming tour of Latin America. He answered: “Thank you for your question, Kevin. My energy comes from… Sex & drugs!… NO! I’m joking! It’s simply from having enthusiasm for life. It never runs out!” were fortunate to watch one of Paul's shows from the side of the stage in Tokyo last November and the sight of 50,000 ecstatic fans singing along to every word was simply incredible. Speaking with Paul after the show, he told us that one of the reasons he does what he does is down to the fans; their enthusiasm keeps him enthusiastic.

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