Stella McCartney Apologises After Leaving The Scene Of Taxi Cab Crash

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fashion designer Stella McCartney has apologised after video emerged showing her leaving the scene of an accident involving a taxi driver, without providing her full details.

Paul McCartney’s daughter issued a statement on Tuesday saying she was “very apologetic” about the accident after driver Arash Nabezadeh released footage of the aftermath to The Sun.

McCartney was said to have given Nabezadeh her registration number, but failed to provide him with her personal details, driving off when the 32-year-old began filming her. In footage of the incident, the designer is heard saying, “take the number of my licence plate. Do whatever you need to do, no problem”. The law states that if you are involved in a collision you must give your full name, address and registration number, or report the incident to the police within 24 hours.

Following the accident, Nabezadeh followed the celebrity to the gates of her children’s school to try and get further details from the 45-year-old. McCartney, Nabezadeh said, took his number and her husband, Alasdhair Willis, called the next day to give their insurance details. Nabezadeh told The Sun: “I didn’t even know who she was until my passengers told me. She’s very wealthy. She shouldn’t have done this to me. It’s very unfair.”

A spokesman for McCartney said the designer had never been in this “type of incident before” and was sorry it had occurred.

By: Stephen Hopkins

Source: The Huffington Post




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