The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 18, 1970

The Beatles’ final LP, Let It Be, was issued in the United States 10 days after the UK release.

The US edition of Let It Be didn’t come with the box set and glossy paperback book. Its cheaper price, together with the absence of any new Beatles long-players since Abbey Road in October 1969, meant it was an enticing prospect for record buyers.

At the time, Let It Be had the highest number of advance orders for any album in the US record industry, with an astonishing 3,700,000 orders placed. The album retailed at $7, creating a gross sales figure of $25,900,000 before it was even released.

As United Artists was the distributor of the Let It Be film, it also had the rights to distribute the soundtrack album in America. Capitol, meanwhile, retained the rights to release songs from Let It Be as singles and on compilation albums.

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