Yoko Honored by Philipine Government

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yoko Ono is being honored by the Philippine government after sending $10,000 to help fund relief and rehabilitation efforts for thousands of families displaced by Typhoon Pablo.

Rep. Winston Castelo expressed the gratitude of the House of Representatives to Yoko for her grant and for her “noble projects” in the Philippines.

“This Resolution is a token of the Philippine government’s appreciation for the supreme acts of charity and generosity that Ms. Ono has done and continues to do in furtherance of the welfare of schoolchildren, disaster victims and those similarly marginalized in our body polity,” Castelo said.

 “She learned about the disastrous effects of Pablo…following a personal visit she made to the official residence of the Philippine Ambassador to Japan,” Castelo added. “This is not to mention her other contribution in the wake of Tropical storm “Ondoy” in 2009.”

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