British band The Vamps give nod to Beatles with first album

Monday, April 21, 2014

It’s no coincidence that the quartet’s debut Meet The Vamps – out today – echoes the title of the second album The Beatles released. Singer Bradley Simpson told me: “We realised the Beatles connection. We didn’t want to be insulting or big-headed in any way but being a British band we are massively influenced by them.

“It’s kind of a similar thing in the sense that we are pop and it’s the first thing we are putting out. “People are meeting The Vamps and having their first impression of our music.” Packed full of instantly memorable melodies, the album’s genesis goes back to their childhoods. “There are songs I wrote when I was 15, and songs that James McVey wrote when he was 14, so it’s been brewing three or four years,” the Midlands lad revealed. “Albums are still important in this age of the internet. Online hits are taking over, but we still want to be selling albums to people rather than just doing it all online.” Brad’s personal favourite is Somebody To You and there’s lots more where that came from. “We wrote about 40 songs for the album so to cut them down was hard,” he said. “Now we are thinking about writing songs for other artists. “We are thinking, ‘That will be could be a song for so and so’. Writing for others will help develop us as musicians and producers.”

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Source: Daily Star, UK

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