Simpsons episode reveals Beatles attraction in Springfield

Monday, March 24, 2014

On Sunday's episode of The Simpsons, all the bullies in town took the subway to the Bully Summit, giving us a look at Springfield's mass transit system (and sort of Vignelli-esque map... or is it more like Boston's?). We get a look at the platforms (where the bully gangs assemble a la The Warriors... or Michael Jackson's "Bad" video), along with the interior of the cars, and the whole thing is pretty 1980s NYC (with boomboxes, but less graffiti).

We also get to see the various Springfield neighborhoods and attractions on the map, like like Giant Magnifying Glass, Guidopolis, Unauthorized Beatles Museum, Jerk Circle, and the Varmint District. As Atlantic Cities points out, the system has evolved: "Last we knew, the city's subway system was mostly inoperative because its creaky, vibrating trains were damaging the foundations of buildings. In terms of routes, it was a simplistic loop." And of course, before that there was a brief flirtation with a monorail, but that was always more of a Shelbyville idea...

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Source: Gothamist

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