50 Years Of Beatle Mania - Legendary Photographer Harry Benson On The Fab Four

Sunday, March 23, 2014

In January 1964 the Beatles toured Europe, having just become a sensation with the release of their debut album the year before. While playing a series of concerts in France, they stayed at the George V hotel in Paris (now the Four Seasons George V). The Beatles’ residency here was short but very important, as they wrote the hit “I Feel Fine”

in their hotel room, a song that would go to Number One on both the US and UK charts. It was in the same room that they received the phone call inviting them to visit the US for the first time. They accepted, and 50 years ago last month the group famously landed to a mob scene reception at New York’s JFK and appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, watched by more than a third of the US population. The British Invasion had begun and the rest is rock and roll history. The Beatles were not alone in their Paris hotel room or on their inaugural US tour. They were joined by legendary photographer Harry James Benson, CBE, who has shot a litany of global celebrities and political figures, including Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Queen Elizabeth, Dwight Eisenhower – and every US president since Ike.

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Source: Forbes

Photo Credit: Harry Benson

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