Back in the USSR? Paul McCartney might boycott Russia because of human rights abuses

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sir Paul McCartney has secretly met up with Pussy Riot – amid speculation he could become the biggest-name star to snub Russia because of their human rights record. The music legend held a summit with members of the controversial feminist protest group in Los Angeles a fortnight ago as they thanked him for his support during their prison ordeal.

Sir Paul has previously met Vladimir Putin for tea in the Kremlin when he performed in Red Square in 2003. The Russian leader, who was in the front row for the huge gig, has also confessed to being a fan of the Beatles. But relations between the two men appear to have dramatically nosedived since with a string of political interventions by the singer against the politician’s policies. After being invited to meet the singer during his tour rehearsals in the American city, Pussy Riot said afterwards: “Sir Paul has repeatedly told us that he found it hard to believe that Russia - a country with such a rich and developed culture - accepts what Putin is doing today .” Some Russian fans fears the 71-year-old won’t play in the country again given his anti-Putin stance.

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Source: The Irish Mirror

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