Beatle John Lennon school detention sheets put up for sale

Monday, November 11, 2013

Detention sheets describing Beatle John Lennon's schoolboy misdemeanours are being put up for sale. Teachers from Liverpool's Quarry Bank High School for Boys wrote that 15-year-old Lennon was punished for "fighting in class" and "sabotage".

The two documents from 1955 were rescued by a teacher in the 1970s who had been told to burn all of the books in a storage room at the school. The sheets are expected to be sold for up to £3,000 each at auction. The documents reveal that on two occasions Lennon received three detentions in one day. Other reasons given by his teachers for punishment include "nuisance", "shoving" and "just no interest whatsoever". The sheets cover the periods when he was in Class 3B between 19 May and 23 June 1955, and in Class 4C from 25 November 1955 to 13 February 1956.

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Source: BBC News Liverpool

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