Beatles Photos Rediscovered In Time For 50th Anniversary of First DC Concert

Sunday, January 26, 2014

When Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr play the Grammys Sunday night, it will transport a lot of us back to a watershed time in America when everything seemed possible. It takes Mike Mitchell back to the magic moment 50 years ago when he stood on the stage with a camera as the Beatles' performed in DC, their very first concert in the United States.

He only recently rediscovered his incredible photographs. The music exerted an almost mystical pull on a lot of us, including Mitchell as a teen growing up in Oxon Hill listening for the first time to "I Want To Hold Your Hand." All of a sudden, I'm no longer in a '55 Chevy. I'm in a yellow convertible driving in the fast lane of my life toward a future of endless possibilities. Mike Mitchell was a budding freelance photographer, when he heard the Beatles would play their first gig in the now decrepit DC Coliseum. "Magic things happened for me in this room for me," he says, the frost condensing from his breath in the freezing coliseum this past week..

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Source: WUSA TV, Washington DC

Photo Credit:  Mike Mitchell

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