Being a Beatles baby: Julian Lennon reflects on big Beatles anniversary

Monday, February 10, 2014

Fifty years, ago, when Julian Lennon was just a baby, his father, John, and the rest of the Beatles— Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr—packed their bags and boarded a plane headed for the U.S. There, on Feb. 9, 1964, they would grace the stage of “The Ed Sullivan Show,” making them an international music phenomenon.

Growing up, young Julian didn’t understand anything about his father’s massive success and the time that would become known as Beatlemania. “I mean, [during the height of Beatlemania] I was 3, 4, 5 [years old],” Lennon told FOX411. “Anyone must remember that dad left when I was 3 years old. Mom and I lived out of the limelight. We lived a totally different life. “People seem to forget that. In many respects, as much as I’m tied in [with Beatles history] I am also quite distant from it.” Still, on the phone, Lennon sounds exactly as you’d expect him to, with a perfect English accent and a slow, steady tone. In photos, the resemblance between Julian and John is undeniable. Julian has said in the past that he thinks he looks more like his mother’s brother than any other relative. But he’s not blind to the fact that on some days you’d have to do a double take to distinguish him from his famous father, who was murdered in 1980. “For the most part, one would hope to look like one’s parents, and if one didn’t, you’d be worried wouldn’t you?” he said with a laugh.

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Source: Fox News

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2/13/2014 12:59 PM
Julian, you should of made an appearance!!!!!!

Your father John started the Beatles and you should of showed up and said something.

Yes, you were just a kid and your dad was never around but get over it!!!!!!!!!

And yes, you may not get along with Yoko and Sean but make an effort!!!!  Life is short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2/20/2014 8:47 PM
Yes, Yes, I agree that Jules should make an appearance

Come to the U.S. with a good attitude and bring your mum.  She would enjoy the weather here in So. California and it would be a nice holiday as well.

Give a good interview to Piers Morgan!

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