Book review: All These Years: The Beatles Tune In

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Thirty-three years ago, when he was writing the mournful epilogue to the book that still stands as a benchmark, Philip Norman tried to communicate how it felt: a world after the Beatles. He pictured a widow in a lofty apartment on Fifth Avenue, myriad lawyers and accountants mired in wrangling over the band’s money, and a still-beautiful barmaid in Hamburg, tired of the old questions (“Did you really invent the Beatle cut?”).

And in Pinner, Middlesex, there was “a serious young man of 22” who sat alone in his room with his Beatles bootleg recordings, hour after hour, picking up the mutterings and whispers that echoed from the long-gone Sixties. His name was Mark Lewisohn. The wheel comes full circle and little has changed. A publishing boom has kept pace with the band’s popularity over the decades, and this autumn will see the spotlight fall on Beatles Solo: The Illustrated Chronicles Of John, Paul, George, And Ringo After The Beatles by Mat Snow and The Beatles In America by Spencer Leigh, as well as biographies of George Harrison and Paul McCartney and a raft of the perennial picture and poster books, “untold story” volumes, day-by-day and song-by-song accounts and music books.

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Source: The Scotsman

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