Brian May's heartbreaking eight-word reason he refused to do John Lennon tribute

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Sir Brian May has revealed that he initally refused to contribute to a tribute to John Lennon as he didn't think he could do it justice. The Queen guitarist regularly performs to packed stadiums worldwide but the thoughts of reading one of the late Beatles poems filled him with dread.

He was asked to contribute to a project to mark the 60th anniversary of John's book of poems In His Own Write. Brian was just one of a host of special guests asked to perform their favourite of John's poems to mark the occassion with the likes of Stephen Fry and Noddy Holder also contributing.

However Brian was trepedacious about taking part and took to his Instagram to explain why. Alongside a video of him reciting John's poem Alec Speaking he wrote of his fears.

"I contributed this little reading to a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the publication of a little book of original poems called "In His Own Write - by the brilliant Beatles man John Lennon. The invitation came from Tim Quinn - an old friend from the days when I worked on the Amazing Spiderman radio series with amazing author Dirk Maggs.

"In the beginning, I said – "No, I can't do it, because it needs to be done in a Liverpudlian accent. I also didn't feel I could perform "Good Dog, Nigel ", because I found it upsetting when the book was released, when I was young, and I still find it upsetting now," he admitted.

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