Celebration of George Harrison songs

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All Things Must Pass – celebrating The Music Of George Harrison - comes to the Under Ground Theatre in Eastbourne. A powerful 10-piece band, recruited by some of the finest and most experienced musicians in South England, plays exclusively songs written by the ex-Beatle,

The programme consists of the obvious hits he wrote for the Beatles (Something, Here Comes The Sun, Taxman etc.), but also many great songs he recorded after the Beatles╩╝ break up (My Sweet Lord, All Those Years Ago…). The show is named after his first solo album, which is considered by many music critics as a masterpiece. David Hentschel, who worked as a sound engineer with David Bowie, Elton John, Genesis and George Harrison himself, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed Alex Eberhard’s concert. Beyond music from that album, the show was a celebration of all of George Harrison’s music, all professionally and faithfully performed with love, respect and enthusiasm.”

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Source: Eastbourne Herald, UK

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