Chris Brady: Beatles re-releases - I just can't help myself

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

In London, at the office of Apple Corps, a little man sits at his desk day and night, working out yet more ways to fleece money out of a totally suspecting but totally addicted group of sad, ageing people. These people have spent thousands of dollars (or pounds or euros or yen, or maybe even Bulgarian lev) on a band that hasn't existed for more than 40 years, and of whose original six members only three are still alive.

Ordinarily, such a band would be well and truly history, but of course the Beatles were anything but ordinary. We've just had the 50th anniversary of one of their greatest triumphs, for it was on April 4, 1964 that saw the band with the top five singles in the Billboard chart. The songs Can't Buy Me LoveTwist and ShoutShe Loves YouI Want to Hold Your Hand and Please Please Me created a record that has never been equalled or seriously threatened. For many older folk (and for many of their children, especially mine) these songs are known off by heart, back to front and upside-down.

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Source: The New Zealand Herald

Photo Credit: AP

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