Critics praise Paul McCartney's "New" album

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Paul McCartney has been rolling out quite a bit of press for his latest album, "New," which is out now. The former Beatle exchanged accents with Jimmy Fallon and even did an impromptu performance in New York's Times Square leading up to the Tuesday release.

Critics have been largely positive about the new material, noting how it sounds refreshed and revitalized. Part of that "new" sound may have to do with McCartney's latest collaborators. The lead single was produced by Mark Ronson, known for his work with Amy Winehouse. Speaking about the song, McCartney said, "We can do what we want, we can live as we choose." In addition to Ronson, McCartney also teamed up with several other new collaborators. The 12-track collection marks McCartney's first album of original tracks since 2007's "Memory Almost Full." Last year, he released "Kisses on the Bottom," which featured mostly cover songs.

Here's what critics have to say about "New":

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Source: CBS News

Photo Source: Mary McCartney

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