Exhibit promotes John Lennon's messages of love and peace through art

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Long before he picked up a guitar, John Lennon was a doodler. The cerebral Beatle, who spent three years at the Liverpool Art Institute before immersing himself in the music that would define his career, always loved drawing and sketching.

His line drawings, in pen, pencil or Japanese sumi ink, were the work of an impulsive creativity, bringing his philosophies, wry humor, playfulness and deep devotion to family to quick, inventive life. Yet his rise to fame with the Beatles overshadowed that talent.

“John wanted his artwork to be shown. He was really trying to find a gallery that would accept him, but most galleries in those days just said, ‘Oh, he’s a famous musician. Whatever he does artwork-wise must be in the vein of a rocker.’

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Photo Credit: Charlotte Muhl and Sean Lennon

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