Fair Lawn's 'Kids in the Car' to meet Ringo Starr

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It looks like Fair Lawn’s now famous “Kids in the Car” are going to get to meet Ringo Starr after all. “How great that they found these people!” The Beatles legend said in a statement released Monday morning. “And how cool to now know a little of their story and what that moment was like from their perspective.

Right now I'm off in Latin America on tour and I won't be back until November when we play two shows at the Palms in Las Vegas. I look forward to meeting them when I get back. See you in Las Vegas! Peace & love, Ringo”  The release from Starr’s publicist went on to say that the tour will wrap in Las Vegas at the Palms on Nov. 22 and 23rd “where Ringo will meet them.” The friends in the photograph are Charlie Schwartz, Bob Toth, Gary Van Duersen, Suzanne Rayot, Arlene Norbe and Matt Blender, who died in 2011. They cut class at Fair Lawn High School to try to see The Beatles at Kennedy Airport on Feb. 7, 1964. The picture is featured in Starr’s new book, “PHOTOGRAPH.”

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