Saturday, August 16, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) --Traffic was so bad for Candlestick Park's last show that some fans heading to watch Paul McCartney actually gave up and went home without seeing him. There were people who say they felt like the traffic was worse than other events and that it felt like someone dropped the ball. McCartney put on an amazing show to send Candlestick Park out in style. Fans who did make it say they loved the show and that McCartney played about 40 songs. He waited about an hour to go on because the stadium was only half full at 8 p.m. due to traffic problems. There were still many people that didn't make it because they said they were stuck on the highway for hours. Those who made it in say it wasn't easy getting out, but say it was worth it because they loved the show.

"The show was epic and then we got back to our car about midnight, we did not move for two full hours. So it was two hours and 45 minutes to make the 20-minute drive from Candlestick to Redwood City," Whitney Black said. "People that do work want to get home before 3 a.m.,I don't know, but this is not what I expected of a concert, Paul McCartney, and certainly in the city of San Francisco," Michele Abrate said. City officials told ABC7 News there were a lot of factors that contributed to the traffic nightmare. For example, people stagger in for a football game. They get there early, tailgate, so that helps a lot. And those fans are aware of Candlestick's issues, so they plan accordingly. On Thursday night that was not the case as everyone stayed until the end to watch every single song. Some fans said it was a chance of a lifetime because it's the end of Candlestick Park. "When I heard Paul was going to be here for the last show, I thought it was only fitting that I try to make it to this show," Terry Dilback said.

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Source: Source: KGO TV, San Francisco

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