George Harrison 'Always Hated' the Oscar-Winning Actor Who Blocked The Beatles' Last No ...

Thursday, February 15, 2024

In 1970, the final single The Beatles released before announcing their breakup failed to hit No. 1 because of an actor George Harrison disliked. Harrison was no fan of actor Lee Marvin or the film that won him an Oscar. It likely stung, then, when the song “Wanderin’ Star” blocked “Let It Be” from hitting No.1 in the U.K.

The Beatles’ George Harrison said he never liked this actor

While The Beatles were in California, Harrison and John Lennon tried to convince their bandmates to try LSD. While Paul McCartney refused, the others spent their day swimming in the pool and trying to avoid the attention of reporter Don Short. Later in the day, they viewed a screening of the film Cat Ballou.

“The movie was put on, and — of all things — it was a drive-in print of Cat Ballou,” Harrison said in The Beatles Anthology. “The drive-in print has the...

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