George Harrison's Memorial Tree Met This Ironic Fate a Decade After Being Planted

Wednesday, July 03, 2024

As the old adage goes, life imitates art, and in the case of George Harrison’s memorial tree, life imitates art in laughably ironic ways. Just over a decade after Harrison died from cancer at 58 in Los Angeles, California, the city honored the former Beatle and avid gardener with a botanical memorial in Griffith Park.

The L.A. City Council planted a pine tree sapling shortly after Harrison’s passing in the scenic park that overlooks the sprawling metropolis. By 2013, the tree had grown to over 10 feet tall. One year later, the tree had met its tragically humorous demise.
An Insect Invasion Killed George Harrison’s Memorial Tree

The pine tree overlooking Los Angeles was a touching tribute to the musician who spent his final years in southern California. Beneath the tree, the city installed a small plaque that read, “In memory of a great humanitarian who touched the world as an artist, a musician, and a gardener.” The plaque also included one of George Harrison’s favorite quotes from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: “For a forest to be green, each tree must be green” (via BBC).

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