Gerry Harrison discusses friendship with the Beatles

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Gerry Harrison, assistant director of the legendary Beatles’ film Magical Mystery Tour, looks back on his time with the group as a period of “great fun”. The assistant film director who lives in Co Clare, became friends with The Fab Four and went on to work with John Lennon and Paul McCartney individually.

Today he’s in Dublin for the opening of the inaugural Beatles Festival, which marks the jubilee of the group’s two performances in the Adelphi Cinema. He told how he was “very aware” that he was in the presence of geniuses back in the 60s. McCartney was “very much in charge” during the filming of Magical Mystery Tour, according to Gerry, and filming was done “on the hop, with no studios”. “Paul was very much in charge because Brian Epstein had just died and that had left a vacuum…There were tensions there as well.”

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Source: The Independent, Ireland

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