'Good Ol' Freda' Explores The History Of The Beatles' Unheralded Secretary, Freda Kelly

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Only the most hardcore Beatles fans probably know the name Freda Kelly. They may have even received a letter from her. From the early 1960s through the band's dissolution in 1970, Kelly served as the Beatles' fan-club secretary. Fifty years later, she's finally telling her story with the documentary "Good Ol' Freda."

"When my grandson came along, I decided I wanted to do something," Kelly told HuffPost Entertainment about the impetus for the film. "Because over the years, I haven't done anything at all. I had actually six offers to do books, but I managed to shake them off. I sort of said, 'Oh, too many books out there [about The Beatles].' My grandson was the push I needed."

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Source: Huff Post Entertainment

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