Hanging out with the Beatles

Monday, November 11, 2013

Go back in time with photographer Henry Grossman, profiled on 60 Minutes this week. Grossman became a friend of the Beatles and was invited to document their lives. In the four videos below, Grossman remembers each member of the band with a series of rare, intimate snapshots.

John was thoughtful," says Grossman. "Looking back over my pictures of him, I see how many pictures he's looking thoughtful...or studying something or watching something." "People asked me, 'Was John the controlling figure?' I never saw that in the time I spent with them," says Grossman. "I saw a team." In an interview with 60 Minutes Overtime, Grossman shows us a glimpses of John Lennon's family life, his personal evolution during his time with the Beatles, and even his light-hearted side, captured in a fun moment on a skateboard. How did Grossman get this kind of access? "I think I was one of the guys that didn't want anything from them...I was just glad to be there as a friend and a photojournalist."

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Source: CBS News

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