Happy to Help! Man charges tourists £4 to take their picture at Abbey Road zebra crossing made famous by The Beatles

Monday, March 03, 2014

Ever wanted to take your picture at a landmark, but you've been at a loss for anybody to help you? That's no longer the case on one of Britain's most photographed streets, but it will cost you for the privilege.

A man has taken to standing at the corner of Abbey Road, London, next to the zebra crossing made famous by The Beatles album of the same name, which bears the iconic picture of the fab four crossing the street. The man will help you take a picture of you and your friends or family on the zebra crossing for a small charge of £4 a go. The enterprising man seems to help the tourists who flock to the popular crossing outside of the Abbey Road studios where many of the Beatles' albums and EPs were recorded. Tourists are charged £4 to have the man use their phones or cameras to take their photos, many of whom make the classic 'crossing the road' pose that made the album cover so famous. While he is not thought to be in breach of any laws, Westminster Council said it sounded as if he was acting as a street trader - for which he would need a licence.

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Source: Daily Mail, UK

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