How Beatles artist signed to help Bristol charity bookshop

Saturday, March 22, 2014

When a rare Beatles record was dropped off at a charity bookshop, it looked like the donation was going to raise a healthy £50. But for one keen employee at Amnesty Bookshop on Gloucester Road, that wasn’t good enough. Colin Richardson, a volunteer looking after collectable donations, took it upon himself to add even more value by writing to the artist behind the famous Revolver record sleeve.

Now the record has raised more than £1,000 which has been donated in its entirety to Amnesty International. The record first came into the shop around five or six weeks ago and was sent to Colin, 77, who filters through and picks out vinyl with his knowledge and experience of the music industry. When he saw the record he estimated it to be worth around £60. But the item also triggered memories of Colin’s past working in booking services in the music industry when he got to know the album cover’s famous artist Klaus Voormann. “At that point I thought ‘I wonder if I could get in touch with Klaus and ask him to sign it’,” Colin told the Bristol Post. “Because I knew him back in the day I got in touch and asked for him to sign it for us to add a bit of value. “I just said to make it more valuable for the charity why don’t you just mark your name on it.

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Source: Bristol Post, UK

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