‘I was so wiped out’: Micky Dolenz on how a Beatles song got into the final Monkees TV show

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Monkees fans will remember that “Good Morning, Good Morning,” from the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, appears as part of the Micky Dolenz-directed final episode of their television show, called “The Frodis Caper.” Turns out the song has always had special meaning for Dolenz.

Long before the Summer of Love release of Sgt. Pepper, Dolenz visited the studio and heard an early playback of “Good Morning, Good Morning.” “I listened to the track, and I’m trying to be so cool,” Micky Dolenz said, during aMonkees convention Q&A. The song stuck with him and later, while at work on “The Frodis Caper,” he was able to secure a snippet of the song — making for the perfect opening, as the Monkees roll out of bed. Dolenz — who says John Lennon used to call him “Monkee Man” — says he overdressed for the occasion, thinking that there would be a party atmosphere during the Sgt. Pepper sessions. Instead, he found the Beatles and a three-piece suit-wearing producer George Martin hard at work in the Abbey Road studios. “I got dressed up like I was going to a major party — a Beatlemania funfest, freak-out psycho Jell-O thing,” Dolenz admits, saying he wore “paisley bell bottoms, tie-died underwear, and my hair up in beads and the Lennon glasses. I looked like a cross between Ronald McDonald and Charlie Manson.

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Source: Something Else Reviews

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