John Lennon Never Forgot Ringo Starr's Reaction to Yoko Ono, and it Was Pure Ringo

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Ringo Starr was the last person to join The Beatles, but he was a key piece. Ringo’s down-to-earth attitude helped save them from ending up like Elvis Presley as the Fab Four shot to worldwide fame. His demeanor also meant that John Lennon never forgot Ringo’s reaction to the start of his relationship with Yoko Ono, which was pure Ringo.

John once said he had no interest in The Beatles after meeting Yoko. That was in 1966, but John stuck it out with the Fab Four until they broke up in 1970. The rest of The Beatles weren’t necessarily happy about Yoko being around so much.

Paul McCartney admitted he wasn’t keen on Yoko, but he understood John needed to have a new relationship after John’s first marriage was doomed.

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