John Lennon Was the 'Boss' of The Beatles Until He Got 'Lazy'

Sunday, May 19, 2024

For a time, John Lennon was the clear frontman of The Beatles. His bandmates looked to him with admiration and media outlets established him as the group’s leader. According to a Beatles associate, this was a position Lennon wanted but could not hold. He grew too lazy as the 1960s wore on.

John Lennon was initially the clear leader of The Beatles

Peter Brown, the personal assistant to Beatles manager Brian Epstein, had a close working relationship with the band for years. While he said he did not play favorites, he primarily communicated with Paul McCartney. McCartney was more invested in the group than his bandmates.

“I could communicate with Paul. I suppose I was closer to him, but I was always enamored of John’s enigmatic personality,” Brown told Rolling Stone. “Paul was the thorough one, the workaholic, and John was lazy.

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