John Lennon's Bloody Glasses

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Twitter account @BarackObama has retweeted Yoko Ono’s picture of John Lennon's bloody glasses from the day he was murdered.

The arresting photo, which includes text that more than a million people have been killed by guns since Lennon was shot in 1980, has been retweeted more than 11,000 times since it was posted Wednesday.

A retweet by the account associated with President Obama forwarded it to his more than 28 million followers. Retweets aren’t always endorsements in Twitter etiquette, but Ono’s activism comes at a time when President Obama and U.S. Democrats’ push for more gun control after the Sandy Hook tragedy seems to be struggling.

A proposed assault weapons ban was stripped from a bill headed to the Senate floor. And that bill, which would universalize background checks, doesn’t have the bipartisan support many backers would like.

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3/23/2013 1:24 PM
John´s glasses

I just wish I had never seen this. I remember exactly the moment I learned about his death. It still hurts. Yoko has been doing a great job in raising a cute little young man like Sean. The same Cynthia with Julian. I just would like Julian to be accredited more about what and who he is: a very talented multitask artist!

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