Julian Lennon Explains Real Meaning Behind 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds'

Monday, December 09, 2013

Tune in alert as Julian Lennon talks with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live on Tuesday, December 3 about his recent collaboration with Steven Tyler on his new album, “Everything Changes.” Plus, Julian sets the record straight about the meaning of The Beatles’ classic, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

“You know there is a folkloric question that we have to address here. There is a long debate “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” the great Beatles song, spells out L-S-D; people thought it was a tribute to that. Inspired by an acid experience or something. But some say a drawing you made as a child. Which is true?” Billy asks. “It’s true about the drawing of my friend Lucy who in fact sadly passed away a few years ago from Lupus. Since then I have become the American Ambassador for the Lupus Foundation. So it has longevity in all kinds of ways.”

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 Source: Monsters and Critics

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