'Linda McCartney – Life in Photographs' for iPad is a trip that ends too soon

Monday, April 29, 2013

The new iPad book “Linda McCartney – Life in Photographs” from Taschen that became available through iTunes Thursday is more than a book but an exhibit in the way it displays the photographs from throughout her life.

The book features over 170 photos taken from her extensive archives. The photos are often candid, showing private moments with husband Paul, baby, childhood and teenage photos of their children Mary, Stella, James and Heather, and portraits of the Rolling Stones, Tracey Ullmann, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Dustin Hoffman, Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw, Allen Ginsberg, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss in 1995, artist Willem de Kooning, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, several of her self-portraits and more.

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Source: The Examiner

                                                        Photo Credit: Taschen

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