Liverpool striker Suarez interviews music legend Paul McCartney

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez turned interviewer as he quizzed one of the city's favourite sons, Sir Paul McCartney. The pair conducted a video chat before the former Beatle was due to play in Suarez's native Uruguay in front of a 50,000 strong crowd in Montevideo. Suarez, who spoke in Spanish, asked Sir Paul about Liverpool's best cultural highlights, what he enjoyed about his home country and whether or not he would be going to the World Cup this summer in Brazil.

The Uruguyan, also joked with the singer about whether he would be supporting the South American team after they knocked England out of the World Cup. Sir Paul replied in equal jest: "England are not going to be defeated by Uruguay, I'm sorry. England are going to win the World Cup. You know that, I know that, we all know that but please dedicate a goal to me anyway." he said. Sir Paul, who will perform at the Centenario Stadium in the capital, said he would be watching the tournament on the television - and that his favourite football player was himself. Asked by Suarez how is felt to be a musical legend, Sir Paul added: " I don't think of myself as a legend. Very nice of you to say that, thank you, but it's great I love what I do. I love playing with my band. I love coming to beautiful places like Montevideo, Uruguay, and the rest of the South America."

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Source: The Independent, Ireland

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