Lorne Michaels Failed To Reunite The Beatles In What Could've Been The Biggest SNL Show Ever

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Lorne Michaels tried and failed to reunite The Beatles on SNL, despite offering a check for $3,000 and 3 songs.
Lorne Michaels almost succeeded, as John Lennon and Paul McCartney considered going to the studio that night.
George Harrison showed up to SNL to get the $3,000 check, but Michaels refused unless the whole band reunited.

As the man behind Saturday Night Live throughout almost all of its history, Lorne Michaels has accomplished amazing things. Between casting a slew of performers who have become rich and famous and making the masses laugh for decades, Michaels' legacy will go down in history.

On top of that, Michaels has managed to convince most of music's biggest stars to appear on his show. However, one thing that Michaels never pulled off was was reuniting The Beatles on SNL.

This article will how Lorne Michaels tried to reunite The Beatles on SNL and totally failed. The article will also reveal how close Michaels' attempt to bring The Beatles back together came to succeeding.

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