Macca Defends Miley Over Twerk Dance Moves

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sir Paul McCartney has told Sky News there was nothing wrong with Miley Cyrus' bump and grind moves at the MTV awards, saying: "Come on, we've seen worse than that!" The former Beatle told Sky presenter Charlotte Hawkins he was also happy for his 10-year-old daughter to watch the singer's twerking dance moves she has become synonymous with.

He said: "I watched it as an experiment to check, but you look at it and you say 'what's everyone shouting about?'. "I think it was only mildly shocking ... it wasn't explicit at all." Sir Paul is promoting his latest album, New, which is his 16th solo album. He said: "It's not difficult to come up with something new, but to come up with something new which is good is difficult because you're stacking them against the stuff you've done - but you've got to just forget that. "I love writing songs so I just have to say 'don't even try to better the old ones, just get on with it'.

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Source: Sky News HD

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